Personal Training

All SPT Memberships are 12 weeks duration and Sessions are 1 hour duration. An Open Training Pass is also available for $10 per week, which lets an SPT member train during any of the Open Training Sessions on the FITREP training schedule.

Base Camp$69 p/w

1 x SPT session p/w
Perfect for beginners or those wanting to ad a bit of variety to their training.

Ascension$119 p/w

2 x SPT sessions p/w
The most popular SPT membership. Ideal for most general training goals.

The Peak$159 p/w

3 x SPT sessions p/w
For those that are really serious about their training, or for those who require rehabilitation or sport specific training.

Personal Training$189 p/h

1 on 1 personal training is available upon request.
Bookings essential.


Customised Training Plan$499

4 Weeks of customised training programs

If you want a quality training program to take with you and perform elsewhere, this is for you. 1RM Assessment, 4 week customised training plan and 1 program walk through.

Pre-Designed Nutrition Plan$149

A week of specific nutrition set at different Kcal levels dependant on goals.

1600 Kcal, 2000 Kcal or 2500 Kcal

Custom Nutrition Plan$349

A week of customised nutrition set at a specific Kcal level, individualised for your body type, goals and lifestyle.

Assessment Services

Body Fat Assessment (15-20 mins) $39

Recording your anthropometry (body measurements) is a great way to establish a baseline to record your improvements from. It can also highlight health risks and helps to steer the direction of the type of training most suitable for the individual. Your body composition will be measured by an experienced anthropometrist using calipers and a tape measure. You will receive feedback on your body fat (%), body fat (kg), lean muscle mass (kg) and circumferences for hips, waist, arms and legs.

This is best utilised every 6-12 weeks to record a good history of your body composition and can help guide future training programming decisions.

Strength Assessment (60-75 mins) $175

Assessing your 1RM strength levels can give your trainer a mass of information which can be used to tailor your training. Not only will you have great baseline values for your major lifts (Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift), the results can be used to more accurately program loads, volume, reps , sets, rest etc. so that you get maximum results from your training. It is important to conduct these types of assessments with a professional so that you do not injure yourself and you achieve your best result.

This is best utilised at the start of each new training phase so that loads can be determined accurately and an appropriate training plan can be constructed.

Fitness Assessment (60 mins) $149

To accurately assess your fitness, we need to look at 2 different components, Cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Developing both of these qualities will make you feel FIT. Muscular endurance testing is completed first and consists of multiple compound movements to assess the whole body. A fitness test (such as the 30-15 Intermittent Fitness Test) is then administered to gauge your cardiovascular fitness levels.

This assessment can be used by anyone to gauge their fitness levels but is especially important to sportspeople, obstacle course competitors and weekend warriors in any physical endeavour.

Mobility Assessment (30-45 mins) $79

If you are returning from injury, have never exercised before, been inactive and sedentary or have movement restrictions and injuries, a mobility assessment is a must. This will highlight the areas in your body that are weak, tight, restricted and hampering your movement ability.

This functional movement screening can pinpoint particular areas to strengthen, mobilise and return to proper function which will mean greater pain free movement.

Full Assessment (2×1 hour sessions) $299

To get a complete picture of your strength, fitness and movement capabilities, you need the Full Assessment.

The full assessment includes the following;

  • Body Fat Assessment
  • Strength Assessment
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Mobility Assessment

As there are so many factors to test, this assessment is spread across 2 x 1 hour sessions. The first will include your Body Fat, Mobility and Fitness assessment and the second will be your strength assessment.

This should be performed by everybody at least once. Understanding where you are at with your strength, fitness and movement levels can be a great motivator to encourage you to improve. Having baseline measures, consistently putting in the hard work at training and watching those measures improve over time can be a huge motivation. FITREP can get you started today.