At FITREP our nutrition philosophy is simple… balance. There are no crazy restrictions of macronutrients and no massive calorie deficits, just a sensible balance of foods that allows you to still enjoy eating while achieving your body re-composition goals.

Pre-designed Nutrition Plans

These plans are available at 3 different calorie levels to suit a variety of needs.

Each plan is 1 week long and has specific meals for every day of the week including pre and post workout snacks.

All plans are set at the following percentage levels for macronutrient energy contribution.

Carbohydrates = 40%
Protein = 30%
Fat = 30%

Plans are $150 for a full week of nutrition and can be purchased here.

Nutrition Plan

Custom Nutrition Plans

If you require extra special attention with your nutrition, have allergies, intolerances or restrictions, FITREP can customise a nutrition plan specifically for you and your needs.
Customised programs are individualised for each client to account for specific needs. FITREP will analyse your physical activity level (PAL) and your basal metabolic rate (BMR) to determine your Total Energy Expenditure (TEE). Once we know your TEE during a typical day, we can set your nutrition at a certain kcal level to achieve your body-recomposition goals.

All custom nutrition plans start at $350 for 1 week of nutrition. Custom plans can be quite complex in order to account for pathologies, allergies and other specific food requirements, please contact FITREP to discuss your needs and organise a nutrition plan specific to your needs.

For more information about Custom Nutrition Plans, contact FITREP here.

Rehab and Pain Management

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