Training and Coaching Agreement and Policies


General Training Outline

            Training with FITREP means training with purpose. Every session has a purpose and a goal and your trainer will ensure you hit your training targets. This means you need to be mentally and physically prepared to train, ensure you are in a good frame of mind and come to the studio with good intent to achieve a positive outcome.


Standard of Behaviour Expected

            As you will be training with other FITREP members in attendance, it is important that you conduct yourself with good manners and behave appropriately. This includes putting weights away and keeping your area tidy. Your trainer will of course assist but it is best to take responsibility for your training area as you are the one that will require a safe area to train in.

            Other expected behaviours include…

  • Respect everyone in the studio and in particular, your session mates
  • Only positive and encouraging comments during training
  • No offensive language or profanity
  • No discrimination, vilification or hate speech of any kind will be accepted
  • Please wear clothing that is appropriate for strength and conditioning training
  • Turn up with a positive mindset and be physically prepared to train well
  • Enjoy the session, Yes it will be difficult and challenging but that is why it feels great!


Fitrep’s Obligations to You

            At all times, Fitrep will ensure that the training methodologies used and the application of proven scientific principles to physical training will be based on best practice methods used by the ASCA and NSCA and other peak training bodies.

            Fitrep will;

  • Communicate with you regularly to ensure an open and honest relationship
  • Ensure that you are always receiving great value for money. The service provided will always be more valuable to you than any fee
  • Prepare and apply all training sessions to a highly professional standard
  • Keep your personal information private according to our privacy policy and state, territory and/or federal legislation
  • Be respectful and courteous at all times
  • Ensure that your goals, health and wellbeing are our highest priority


Your Obligations to Fitrep

            Your obligations include…

  • Communicate promptly with Fitrep if you have any membership/training or account issues.
  • Ensure that your schedule is free and that you have availability before booking into an SPT session
  • Manage your bookings regularly and update your schedule promptly if there are any changes. This will help greatly as each session is individually tailored and takes time to prepare. The more notice you can give Fitrep of any changes, the more efficient and structured the training sessions will be.
  • Turn up 5 minutes early and be prepared to train with any equipment you might need such as towel, water bottle, training belt/gloves/straps etc.
  • Ensure that if you need to cancel or reschedule a session, you abide by the timeframes as described in the Booking policy. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are aware of these timeframes and that you abide by them.
  • Ensure there are enough funds in your nominated account to cover your membership fees.
  • Inform Fitrep of any issues or circumstances that change that may impact your training, including but not limited to, credit card expiry, bank account changes, injuries or sickness, holidays or time off and anything else that may impact your ability to train with Fitrep.


Membership Policies


            To participate in SPT with Fitrep, you will need to purchase 1 of 3 SPT membership options.

  • Ascension $109 p/w                                      2 x SPT sessions p/w
  • The Summit $149 p/w                                   3 x SPT sessions p/w
  • Base Camp $59 p/w                                       1 x SPT session p/w

All 3 membership options have a minimum term of 12 weeks duration and are billed weekly for the stated rate. Below is a list that details our membership policy.

  • All memberships run for 12 weeks duration.
  • It is your responsibility to book into your preferred sessions each week. Sessions can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance and you can manage your session bookings via the PT minder booking system or on the app.
  • Membership payments will be debited weekly, recurring on the same day that your membership started.
  • Please give FITREP notice if you are unable to attend your session. You can modify your bookings online up to 24 hours before the start of your session. Any changes after this time will have to be confirmed with FITREP. Any sessions missed where notice was not given before the start of the session, will be forfeit.
  • Memberships can be cancelled or transferred. Please view the appropriate policy for further details.
  • Memberships will need to be renewed at the end each 12 week time period. This gives you the freedom to adjust your package at regular intervals, to suit your current goals and priorities.


Privacy Policy

          Fitrep will at all times keep and protect your personal information private and confidential and will never share your information with a third party unless specifically instructed to do so by you or an approved representative. Fitrep will always seek your consent before using any of your personal information or images in social media, marketing or other advertising campaigns. At all times, Fitrep will abide by State, Territory and Federal legislation with regards to keeping your personal information private.


Booking Policy

            All session bookings must be made online via the FITREP PT minder booking portal which can be found at Simply set up your login and password, once that is done you will be able to access the Fitrep booking system which includes all of the membership options.

            It is your responsibility to book into sessions within appropriate timeframes. As sessions are individually tailored, it is important to book in to your SPT sessions as early as possible to give your trainer enough time to prepare your session properly.

            Booking in…

            You must book into your SPT session at least 24 hours before the session commences. You will not able to book online within 24 hours of a session starting. Please call Fitrep on 0423452223 to book in within 24 hours; subject to Fitrep approval.

            You may book in your sessions up to 4 weeks in advance. It is advised to book in when you are sure of your timetable so you can commit to the sessions, consistency is key. It is important to set reminders for yourself so that you do not miss a session. It is also important to contact your trainer as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the session.

            If you do not contact Fitrep before the commencement of your session and you do not attend within 15 minutes of the commencement time, you will be deemed to have attended and your training session fee will be deducted as if you had attended.

            You may vary your bookings up to 24 hours before the session commences. You will only be able to book the amount of sessions that your membership allows, so opt out of one session before booking into the new one.


Hold and Suspension Policy

            As SPT memberships are only 12 weeks duration, it is expected that members will be committed to their training for the entire duration. This commitment is important as only with consistent training will adaptations be made. This is why there are no specified hold or suspension policies. As we are all human, FITREP will of course consider special circumstances such as major injuries/illnesses/accidents etc so please contact FITREP if you have extenuating circumstances that require you to pause your membership.


Cancellation and Transfer Policy

            It is important to remember that each SPT membership is a 12 week service contract. Ideally, every member will have a perfect training experience and life co-operates, however there will be occasions in which members may need to cancel before the end of their membership. If you wish to cancel your membership before the completion of your contract, you will be charged a dishonour fee which is set at, the dollar value of 2 weeks payment of your specific membership plan.

            To cancel your membership, simply inform Fitrep via email, or to discuss your options further, simply call us on 0423452223.

            The alternative to cancelling your membership is to transfer it to a friend/relative/associate etc. You will be required to fill out a transfer form and pay the transfer fee of $49. Your transfer will only be complete once your selected person has completed their registration, payment information and have accepted to take over the remaining portion of your membership.


            Thank you for your decision to choose Fitrep for your strength and conditioning needs. If you have any questions or concerns about any portion of this agreement, please contact Fitrep on the details below. Good communication builds strong relationships.

            Please enjoy your training, it is my hope that you will come to love the feeling of strength training and that it improves the quality and quantity of your life.

            Stay Strong.