SPT / Semi private training 



* Check the calendar for available SPT sessions


* If the SPT Schedule suits your availability...


Invest in one of the SPT memberships in the store


* Go to the calendar and book your sessions


* You can book up to 4 weeks in advance


* Turn up to your session and be prepared for anything


SPT - What is it? 

Think of SPT as personal training, not group training.

Semi-Private means that your trainer is also training up to 3 other SPT  members during the session. Generally a group warm up is performed and then each member will be started on their individual programs.

Training plans are designed to achieve specific outcomes and adaptations so that your goals can be met. If you choose to invest in an SPT membership, you are choosing to invest in yourself, this is where you can prioritise you.

This is what you can expect from SPT

* Health and fitness performance assessments at regular intervals

* A world class periodised training program designed to achieve your specific health and fitness goals

* Professional coaching and instruction of all lifts ensuring training targets are met 

* A positive and supportive environment that is fun and uplifting

* Big improvements in your health, fitness and strength levels

SPT Memberships

  • All memberships are for a 12 week duration
  • You choose how many sessions you need per week and then invest in the appropriate membership
  1. Base Camp

Perfect for people who want to add some variation to their training. Also great as a first step into the SPT experience.

  • Sessions per week = 1
  • Investment = $49 per week

2. Ascension

The best membership for work/life balance, great value, great results and performance improvements over time.

  • Sessions per week = 2
  • Investment = $97 per week

3. The Summit

This is for people who are serious about their training. If making your body strong and well conditioned is a priority for you, FITREP will take you to the summit.

  • Sessions per week = 3
  • Investment = $144 per week