strength essentials



The PT essentials course is a must have for any first time AusREP or anyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills during initial consultation, screening and assessment.



CEC Value

Entry requirements

  • No pre-requisites are required for this course.

Topics Covered

  • How to effectively engage with a new client
  • Essential information to give and gather during initial contact
  • Pre-exercise Screening – Following industry standard protocols
  • General and specific goal setting
  • Initial assessment procedures and protocols

Course Breakdown

    • Pre-Course – Meet and greet – Hand out tote bags – Complete Sign-In sheet – (30 min)
    • Course Starts – Introduction to the course and Activity 1 – (20 min)
    • PT Essentials 101 – (40 min)
    • PT Essentials 201 – (40 min)
    • Short Break – (20 min)
    • PT Essentials 301 – (45 min)
    • PT Essentials 401 – (45 min)
    • Short Break – (20 min)
    • PT Essentials 501 – (40 min)
    • Course Ends – Questions and Wrap up including Sign-Out sheet – (30 min)

Total course duration = 5 Hours

Course Outcome

  • Learn how to identify and effectively engage prospective clients
  • Develop skills that will improve your conversion rate from prospective client to member
  • Improve the quality of your paperwork, including registration and assessment forms
  • Learn how to utilise the Pre-exercise Screening Tool to best affect
  • Develop skills in goal setting – Short and long term as well as general and specific.
  • Learn how to choose and undertake appropriate physiological assessments for your client, as well as how to effectively use the data during program prescription

Course Rules & Regulations

  • Do NOT be late! – You will not be allowed to attend the course if you arrive after the start time and NO refunds will be given.
  • Some courses will be limited capacity to maintain quality assurance.
  • Registration is on a first in, first served policy.
  • Attendees must complete registration and payment in full to be offered a place.
  • To be eligible to receive CEC’s, attendees must be present during the entire duration of the course.
  • Attendees must also register on the sign in and sign out sheet to be eligible for CEC’s.
  • At all times, attendees must be civil in their interactions with other attendees and must conduct themselves with good manners, have a willingness to learn and be co-operative with others.


Course dates, locations and times will be added as soon as they become available.